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Chuck - Sun 21 May 2017 00:54:51 #0


JOE--I have some old five inch I-Beams(heavy). Twenty something feet of heavy wall 2"X6" tubing
I have a big coal forge, hand cranked blower. Can't think of the name right now. It is about ten or twelve inches in diameter. It would ex-change air pretty well.
Ditcher has a hoe on it. Around the walls will be shelving.
I was thinking about the extra labor to pour and stand the walls.
I have enough T posts and re-bar fence rods to tie it all together.
Have the new(un-used) sheet of 12 gauge metal and pipe for the outside door. Have some 4" heavy PVC pipe, plastic sheeting and trailer mats.
We have a home built wood or coal burning fan blown--SMALL-- stove. Could pull fresh air for its self.
All this stuff would bring very little in a sale.

Concrete, man power and more know-how is what I really need.
Still thinking about all this.

Joe Rollings - Sun 21 May 2017 20:11:14 #0

cellar and steel supplier

I'd dang sure never pour a wall and stand it up if it was going to be underground, because it is much easier to pour it in place around an existing bax form. The first one we poured we had a a couple of youn'ns scooping gravel into the mixer and we got the floor done in a couple of hours on something like a 7x10. I got down there and kinder rough finished it with a trowell. Can't recall if I used a ladder to get back out or if they tossed me a rope, but we let that set a coupld of days while I built the box form. Next time down, I kicked the form off into the hole and centered it, kids started scooping into the mixer again, job was done right after lunch. Had to tear up the box form to get it out because I hadn't made it sturdy enough and it went hour-glass shape and was trapped by the hard concrete.

One funny part was that because it was a septic tank, had to have a hole in each end of the form for the pipes to go in and out of, No jig say to cut a 6 inch hole in plywood, so I backed off a few feet with the double barrel shotgun and blew the holes out. They were close to perfect with a little knife work.

Sometimes, local concrete companies are looking for a place to dump the tag ends of loads when the customer orders more than his forms will hold. My grandaddy actually poured a full basement for the house he built by having them dump surplus loads into the forms, but he should have blown the dust off of the surface between loads, because it made little seperations and lines in the basement walls.

Now, on to business. For once in my life, I want to make some knives with no time pressure on me, because when we were still in business it was always a race with me, and I am confident I never once did my best. Pressure is off now that we sold out, and I am slowly putting the equipment back together and ordering some supplies and materials, but I cannot recall where we used to get those bars of 1095 and 5160 that were 6 feet long. Any help recalling it would be appreciated.

I DO have a LOT of leaf springs, front and rear, from an old dump truck that spent it's last days here, but trthey are so thick I'll either have to get my hammering arm back in shape or build another power hammer....Joe

Joe Rollings - Sun 21 May 2017 20:14:38 #0

Name of the steel outfit

popped into my head. It's admiral....Joe

bruce godlesky - Fri 26 May 2017 09:49:04 #0

Admiral has the best prices out there Joe. Gonna send an order in soon myself.
I have a new (to me)52 inch Simonds sawblade to whittle into pieces to mix with the 1095 for Damascus. Make sfor great contrast.
Another project I'm working on is an all Pennsylvania Damascus blade. have O1 and L6 from a local mill and looking for a Pa. made gun barrel to add to the mix.
It's spring turkey season here in Pa. and I'm prit near wore from hunting 5 days a week. More fun than squarshin' tadpoles!!!!

Joe Rollings - Fri 26 May 2017 22:51:14 #0

Why would you squarsh a tadpole?

Supposed to be specail health benifits for eating them alive!, but what do I know?.....Joe

bruce godlesky - Sat 27 May 2017 06:27:04 #0

when you was a kid ... or last week... walkin' down them 'ol 2 tracks after a rain the ruts is full of tiny tadpoles. A running leap and KER-Splash!!!
Ya mean to tell me you never did that??? Or taught yer grandkids to do it! hehehehe

God Bless all the brave servicemen and women who sacrificed all for our country.

bruce godlesky - Wed 31 May 2017 06:49:27 #0

bead blast abrasives

Whats good for cleaning up light scale/rust? I broke down and bought a cabinet box. Wanted to avoid rewgiular old playbox sand. Too abrasive imo. Walnut hulls anygood?? Enquiring minds........

Joe Rollings - Wed 31 May 2017 10:46:45 #0


You can buy ground up walnut hulls at petsmart and that is a pretty good abrasive. They use it for bedding for lizards, if you can believe it.

Take your blood pressure meds before using that blaster much. Lots of them around full of 45 caliber holes, including mine. They burn up vacuums realy fast or if you don't use the vacuum you can't see into them. A bit of moisture in the air supply makes the abrasive too wet to feed, etc. etc.

I now and for years past have taken care of rust scale, forge scale, pretty much whatever comes along with muratic acid, diluted, then into a baking soda and water bath to kill the remaining acid, then water. Use a bit of elbow grease to get off the remaining black stuff and it will be as clean as it will ever get....Joe

bruce godlesky - Wed 31 May 2017 17:58:59 #0


I'll check out the walnut hulls Joe. Happened to be in Tractor Supply this morning and lo and behold , they had 5 gal. buckets of glass bead and garnet so I brought home a bucket of beads. :-)

Joe Rollings - Thu 01 Jun 2017 16:20:05 #0

Carefull about getting it on the floor. It's dry but REALLY slippery!....Joe

bruce godlesky - Thu 01 Jun 2017 17:10:17 #0

thanks I'll keep that in mind.
I'm tryin to make room for this cabinet somewhat near the compressor. In the middle of renovations and space is limited. I just hate to throw stuff away!
On another note, finally found some large trap springs to make blades from . Should be a good seller at the trapper shows this summer.
Always thinkin' of other stuff to build .

Chuck - Wed 07 Jun 2017 22:51:12 #0

Checking in.

Been hitting the site everyday.
Everybody is mum.
God Bless all of you.

Buck Brown - Thu 08 Jun 2017 10:46:25 #0

Me too Chuck

Hi Bruce. I'm thinking of making some blades from trap springs. Do you know what the steel is so I can figure out how to heat treat?
Thanks, BB.

bruce godlesky - Thu 08 Jun 2017 22:13:51 #0

trap spring steel

Buck, I just sent off a piece to get it spectrographed. I'll let ya know whewn I gwet the results. It's a slow process going thru several people but the price is right.
I did run a piece thru my friend's x-ray machine and it come back .38 mn, .23 chrome and 98.8 iron. Ballpark .5 or .6 carbon. Quenched a piece in water and it shattered like glass. I bought these ones from PCS in Michigan. large double springs for wolf traps, I believe.

Joe Rollings - Fri 09 Jun 2017 10:59:15 #0

Got hung up on

When I told the woman on the phone I needed a "lovejoy coupling"....can't imagine why they didn't name those things almost ANYTHING else. Even the knockoffs carry that name....Joe

bruce godlesky - Fri 09 Jun 2017 14:43:58 #0

hung up on.....

Joe did you emphasize any particular word or phrase....?? haha

Joe Rollings - Fri 09 Jun 2017 23:00:19 #0

Tried my best to be deadpan and talk like a robot, but when I order from ladies, they always seem to either giggle or turn frosty. I hate one as much as the other....Joe

Tom C - Sat 10 Jun 2017 07:35:50 #0

Checking in

I check the posts most days, but I haven't been doing much smithing lately because of my '57 Chevy car project. I'm close to putting the body back on the frame; just a few more details to take care of, like wiring under the dash while I can still rotate the body.

Joe, I wondered about that name, too. I guess Mr. Lovejoy was proud of his invention. If the lady knew her inventory, she wouldn't have blinked an eye & asked you what size shafts you were cnnecting.

Today I'm helping my guild get ready for our annual big get together, Hammerstock. It's next Saturday at the Greyhaven Winery in Goochland County, VA. & has been pretty well attended in the past.I'm donating a forged trellis for the auction.

That's it from Central Virginia.

Tom C

Chuck - Sat 10 Jun 2017 23:40:54 #0


I have two pieces left and they don't fit each other. I even forget what I was hooking up.
But I have some odds and ends that were necessary when I got them
Quarter inch black union that will end up in a light fixture along with elbows and nipples.
Have just found out I have Macular Degeneration---Not bad right now but will need more light to finish the knives that are going to pay for the storm/root cellar. Carport is on the agenda.
Traded some knives tonight for some of the back hoe work. A fellow does what he can.

bruce godlesky - Sun 11 Jun 2017 18:29:14 #0

Chuck, go with the 4 ft LED shoplights lights. They sure help those tired old eyes. BTDT
Barter is the way to go. I did so on a new custom recurve bow today. Barter will cover half the cost.

Joe Rollings - Tue 13 Jun 2017 10:53:44 #0


Is always good, providing that the deal is settled completely before anything changes hands. Otherwise, you wind up doing stuff for barter that you would not DREAM of doing for cold, hard cash....Joe

Buck Brown - Tue 13 Jun 2017 13:54:04 #0


Thanks for the help. I did a spark test on a Victor brand trap. It shows very high carbon. I've got to think it will make a fine knife

Buck Brown - Tue 13 Jun 2017 13:58:53 #0


Bruce is right on with the led lights. We're switching everything over to them. They are a much brighter and whiter light than incandescent bulbs. Our electric company repays us for the first $100.00 worth. You might want to see if yours does too.

bruce godlesky - Tue 13 Jun 2017 17:47:07 #0


one of the big things with them lights is the absence of that annoying HUMMMMMM and flicker in cold weather......

Mike B - Wed 14 Jun 2017 20:17:21 #0


I like the LEDs too. The only problem I've had is that my welding rods don't seem as dry since I switched.

Seriously, though, is there a particular brand of the four-footers you're using?

Joe Rollings - Wed 14 Jun 2017 21:01:26 #0


I dunno if they are three or four footers, but I bought the ones from Sams club maybe a year ago, and they were the cheapest around at the time, and work GREAT !

They are still working perfectly, and if I had bought more flouresent ones, I'd be replacing bulbs by now, pro'by some for the second time....Joe

bruce godlesky - Wed 14 Jun 2017 21:34:44 #0


I'd have to look at a box I still have. They come from Rural King store.
There is another option. You can buy the led strips and mount them into existing 4 footers. By-passes the ballasts. The company I looked at was Greenway or sumpin like that.

bruce godlesky - Thu 15 Jun 2017 20:45:00 #0

Brian, did you ever find yer 15n20?

bruce godlesky - Sun 18 Jun 2017 09:19:30 #0


MikeB, the leds I have are made by Lights of America. 4500ens

Mike B - Mon 19 Jun 2017 20:39:41 #0

Thanks, Bruce! That gives me an idea what to look for.

plain ol Bill - Tue 20 Jun 2017 17:44:57 #0

HOT in the SW

Chuck you and others that live in the southwest take care in all the heat. WOW, makes me really thankful for the pacific northwest and our scorching day that hit 72. We had a young couple from Amarillo visit last weekend and were driving back through Phoenix - glad I'm not with them.

bruce godlesky - Wed 21 Jun 2017 08:46:11 #0


as they say... hotter than nine kinds of hades.
I been in the forge shop mearly last 2 mornings welding Damascus. low 60's then up from there. Finish up before it goes to 80.
Ben having all sorts of problems gettin' things to stick. Kinda think I may not be quite hot enuff.
Annoyed enuff I just may buy a made by someone else forge.

Chuck - Wed 21 Jun 2017 21:14:36 #0


JOE--If you can get on Facebook. One of my Granddaughters took some pictures of a few of my knives.
Three different knives have the wood scales from the board you gave me. She photo shopped them but you tell how nice the wood came out.
BRUCE I saw three gas fired forges in one shop of a beginning knife maker, along with a coke forge.
He has been a farrier for a long time, but has gathered everything to be a blacksmith/blademaker.
He had a couple of "Whisper" forges and another that looked impressive. Most of the top part was cast. He mentioned that it would go right up to 2100 and on up to 2300 with just an adjustment. Somehow the forge was able to be set at heat where you wanted.
My gas forge has to be pushed to make forge welding heat. I could burn up a lot of steel in Kevin's propane forges. Grin
You will see him on my Facebook. His name is Kevin Stephens. Nice young man about 60. You will like him. Menefee has went fishing in Florida. He took his oldest daughter fishing for Sharks and Tarpon. Great for them.

I would like to know what his good propane forge was, just to look it up.

JOE been having any of the desert sand storms like they have south of you?

Got to do chores.
God Bless

Chuck - Wed 21 Jun 2017 22:15:06 #0


BRUCE--Mine & Kevin's--- All the forges are propane except the coke forge.
I don't have any natural gas in my shop.

bruce godlesky - Thu 22 Jun 2017 06:09:50 #0


Gonna rig up a blower on mine today.
I think my problem is an underpowered burner.

Joe Rollings - Thu 22 Jun 2017 21:07:46 #0

No sand storms, BUT

It's been real nice and toasty here, 108 one afternoon. So far Arizona has lost about 45000 acres to wildfires and they ain't out yet, and lots fires in New Mexico, too.

My grandson used up his time on the lne and was cussing because he got "stuck" back at base filling up brush trucks, but about that time the guys that were on the fire line picked up about 50 cases of strep throat, so I'm guessing he is pretty happy to be at base filling up trucks for a while.

Gottta wonder if somebody didn't bleach canteens when they filled them or maybe didn't hand them back to the same guy.

Janet is on facebook, and I'll see if she can find your knives, but we may need some coaching.

Have a good'n......Joe

bruce godlesky - Sun 25 Jun 2017 16:19:54 #0

hot forge

I rigged up a yard balloon blower-upper to the new forge ands she just screams.
Use da piece of flexible manifold pipe to connect things. HOT!! Melted the insilboard liner this morning....... No problem with welds shearing now :-)
Picture in the recent file.

bruce godlesky - Sat 01 Jul 2017 21:51:48 #0


awfully quiet around here. Hope everyone keeps there fingers away from the fireworks this weekend.

Joe Rollings - Sun 02 Jul 2017 14:24:01 #0

Anything BUT quiet

here. Three birthdays within a couple of days of the 4th, the house is full of screming kids and adults talking just below shouting. Had to come out here and hide for a few minutes. Glad to see all of the kids, grandkids, great grandkids, friends, spouses, etc........not quite as glad to HEAR them....well, back to the battle....happy fourth, everybody......Joe

Buck Brown - Tue 04 Jul 2017 12:18:11 #0

Hope everyone has a safe and fun filled Independence Day.

Chuck - Wed 05 Jul 2017 00:44:33 #0

Great Fourth Of July.

Happy Independence Day.
We had a good day. Two Grand-sons spent the day with us.
We went fishing yesterday. One neito had a super day fishing from the bank with lures. He caught a black bass and channel cat that both weighed over five pounds.
He cast a net for bait. The only things in the net from several casts were two carp of over 2.5 pounds. Caught in separate cast----No bait fish. Not good for the lake.
Having trouble grinding blades--Have developed Macular Degeneration. Right has always been the eye I used. It is the worst for this Macular deal.
All the trucks you meet on the highway, look like they have already been wrecked. Not good, but we will manage.
Everybody stay safe.
God Bless

Joe Rollings - Sun 09 Jul 2017 22:11:46 #0

Sorry for your troubles

Sandpile. As you know, I have had a lot of eye troubles, too, and just about the time you figure you are going to have to give up, you figure out how to work with the new reality.

I like to keep them going at the optometrist. Every time they slip a new set of glasses on me, I look at my wife and say....."dang! you got a new hairdo" like I have not seen her for months.

We do it with a straight face, and sometimes they seem to believe me.

No fun getting older, but maybe if you get a LOT worse in the eyes, your knives will start to look half as primitive as mine......but I'm not holding my breath....Joe

Chuck - Mon 10 Jul 2017 14:23:04 #0

Knife grinding.

JOE--I ground two knives from some 1/16" A2.
They came out alright. Not Nice but alright.
I will make something if I just make a mess. Grin.
I hope it cools down over your way. We have not been up in the hundreds for about ten days. Lord' we appreciate that,
Got some garden hoe work done this morning.
Now to the shop.
God Bless

John Odom - Mon 10 Jul 2017 16:29:19 #0


I have been out with pneumonia since July 2.

I am now out of the hospital and in a rehab facility.

I am rapidly improving. The question is how much I can get back. I will keep fighting.

Darrell - Mon 10 Jul 2017 22:14:13 #0


You can get a lot back if you just don't quit trying.
I had two strokes in January and I have gone from paralyzed on the right side to not using a cane and back in the shop making things. I couldn't hit anything when I started but now I can drive nails.

John Odom - Wed 12 Jul 2017 19:00:43 #0


I am home. Much better, but not well. I am supposed to take it really easy.

Loren T - Thu 13 Jul 2017 09:06:59 #0


Anybody heard any more about Ellen? I know she had a stroke and was selling her major equipment, but haven't heard any more.

Chuck - Sat 15 Jul 2017 00:40:55 #0


Health is wealth.---DARRELL --I am so glad to hear you are back in the shop making things. I really like your sander/grinder. Simple but durably good.
JOHN Keep plugging. Myrtle(sp) needs you.
ELLEN --I have a number here somewhere for her sister. Helen will have to find it. The last time we called we a got a message and did not get a call back.
We have been having a go of it. Helen is some better--I think just learning to live with it. She is making herself do stuff, whether she feels like it, or not.

My Macular Degeneration deal is something, I am just going to have to deal with. I have made two knives from 1/16" steel just to see if I could grind it straight. Had to look close , but they came out alright. I have handled some older better blades. Selling some kept back knives.
I have about 20 blades I can handle. Maybe by then the Eye doctors can put some better priscripted(sp) glasses on me.
LOREN T. If I can find out something I will post.
JOE--Don't step in any holes.

God Bless all of you.

Joe Rollings - Sat 15 Jul 2017 22:49:40 #0


If you need a REALLY good eye doc, I know the best surgeon AND the best cornea guy in Arizona. The cornea guy got famous by saving my right eye after an idiot surgeon nearly lost if for me. Yes, some eye docs are idiots, and my first attempt at eye surgery, I found one. The cornea guy fixed a detatched retina that not many would have attempted, and it is still good about 5 years later.

So, I have an ablation sceduled, and a kind of funny misunderstanding happened as a result;


"We have your procedure sceduled for September first, providing you take the medications perscribed, with NO mistossis.


"What is mistossis?"


"That is when you miss a dose!"


"Oh, you mean missed doses"


"what did you THINK I said?"


"never mind"

"mistossis" sounded real medical to me.....Joe

John Odom - Sun 16 Jul 2017 21:06:12 #0


S L O W L Y gaining strength.

Tom C - Sat 22 Jul 2017 11:05:33 #0

Tom C




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