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Darrell - Mon 03 Dec 2018 12:24:48 #0


The volcano has gone almost completely dormant. There is no measurable SO2 and the air is the clearest it's been 12 years.

Tom C - Mon 03 Dec 2018 14:06:29 #0

Hi Chuck, the painter said it will be done next Monday or Tuesday. Then the fun starts up again as I put the shiny bits back on.

Glad to hear Cy is making progress even though it's slow going.

Darrell, clean air is a good thing.

Tom C

bruce godlesky - Tue 04 Dec 2018 09:00:48 #0


Sandpile, Sweany is from Sand Springs OK. Got an email last night, he's headed home today!.
With Cy, it's gonna be 3 steps forward one back. Don't get discouraged......btdt

Tom C lookin' forward to seein' that car upon completion!!

Been hunting deer for a week and a half. Need some shop time. Making Damascus arrowheads for the guys I shoot with :-) Gonna be action packed 3 weeks til Christmas.
No rest for the wicked.....

Darrell - Tue 04 Dec 2018 13:11:42 #0

No rest for the wicked

Don't worry. There is no rest for the rest of us either.

Bert - Wed 05 Dec 2018 11:12:08 #0

So Darrell

You still thinking of moving to The People's Republic of Eugene (well, actually all of Lane Cnty)?

News broke yesterday that the city is going to modify it's contract with the local Nat. Gas company to Actively Discourage people from using it to heat their homes or cook with... Wood is discouraged, and often prohibited during winter inversions when you need it most, electricity is expensive (not as bad as CA but they want to get there), coal is banned and being phased completely out of Oregon, nuclear is unthinkable and the Governor wants 50K electric cars on the roads by 2020, as well as a boatload of new taxes & fees, gun control and control of 'climate change' and everything you eat, think, do and are...

How do they expect folks to heat their home and live? Oh yeah, those wind mills and solar panels, which are more expensive than all of the above even With all the government subsidies and after 20+ years of development provide only about 2% of the power in the grid in Orygun...

Darrell - Wed 05 Dec 2018 13:27:27 #0


Our plans to move to Oregon have been discarded.
Our research has found that Oregon is more expensive than Hawaii.
Now that the volcano has settled down and the air is clear we decided to stay here
where the house and car are paid for. Instead of moving we plan to just visit occasionally.

Bert - Wed 05 Dec 2018 15:46:35 #0

Good to Hear Darrell

Yes, it's expensive here and about to get a lot worse. Lot's to be said for just staying where you are and putting up w/ the occasional tantrum from the volcano.

I'd have been gone from here 10 years ago but the wife has her nest, business and medical network (Crohn's Disease) here. Also she was born and grew up in SoCal so there's also the "it can't be anywhere colder than here" requirement. The two states above and below OR are worse 'blue-wise', Nevada & Arizona have been thoroughly Californicated and I don't do well in cities, traffic jams or around crowds of people...

Worked and traveled around the country and world enough before I retired to know I can't/don't want to live anywhere East of a line North to South through Denver... And even though there are something like 19 species of game birds on the Parker Ranch and I've harvested my share of wild pigs (the Hawaiian way) I get rock fever after a few months, even on the Big Island.

If the volcano gets to you, my mom and sis live in Kamuela (on the dormant volcano) and are quite happy.

bruce godlesky - Thu 06 Dec 2018 06:50:09 #0

Bert.... 19 species of game birds.... where is this place??? I'd have to get another setter or 2 :-)
Darrell, rest is hard to find ........

Bert - Thu 06 Dec 2018 11:54:28 #0

Parker Ranch

Bruce, I checked w/ my sis to be sure and it's only 13 species of birds (Oh, darn!) The ranch is huge and runs from sea level to about 8K feet on the North end of the Big Island; Hawaii. It's on and around Mauna Kea which is the biggest volcano, above the water, in Hawaii. Headquarters are in Waimea/Kamuela, a town on the West side of the Mountain.

There's also a couple kinds of goats, some bada** pigs (hunted the Hawaiian way means with a good pair of boots, a couple of even more bada** little dogs, and a big 'pig sticker') and if you aren't careful at night, you might crash into a wild donkey in certain places.

If I ever get my forge fired up again I'm going to try a couple of Damascus pig stickers for one of my nephews.

bruce godlesky - Thu 06 Dec 2018 13:09:19 #0


Bert, that's still a buncha different birds!! Sounds like some interesting ideas for an otherwise layin' on the beach vacation! I know they have a good turkey population on the Islands.

Hope to see some pictures of your pig stickers.....

Joe Rollings - Sun 09 Dec 2018 21:12:48 #0

If somebody wants solitude

I have a couple of 20 acre parcels for sale here. Depending on the direction you drive, 50 to 100 miles to the nearest stop light, if we hear an engine we go to the window and see who is here, because NOBODY drives down our road but us.

You can relieve yourself in the middle of the road, beat iron, yodel, nobody to hear or see. About 1300 acres and a dozen residences, property has it's own gravel pit and rifle range, adjoining thousands of acres one is free to roam at will.

Outside Rodeo, New Mexico.....Joe

Joe Rollings - Sun 09 Dec 2018 21:13:26 #0

If somebody wants solitude

I have a couple of 20 acre parcels for sale here. Depending on the direction you drive, 50 to 100 miles to the nearest stop light, if we hear an engine we go to the window and see who is here, because NOBODY drives down our road but us.

You can relieve yourself in the middle of the road, beat iron, yodel, nobody to hear or see. About 1300 acres and a dozen residences, property has it's own gravel pit and rifle range, adjoining thousands of acres one is free to roam at will.

Outside Rodeo, New Mexico.....Joe

Joe Rollings - Sun 09 Dec 2018 21:13:28 #0

If somebody wants solitude

I have a couple of 20 acre parcels for sale here. Depending on the direction you drive, 50 to 100 miles to the nearest stop light, if we hear an engine we go to the window and see who is here, because NOBODY drives down our road but us.

You can relieve yourself in the middle of the road, beat iron, yodel, nobody to hear or see. About 1300 acres and a dozen residences, property has it's own gravel pit and rifle range, adjoining thousands of acres one is free to roam at will.

Outside Rodeo, New Mexico.....Joe

Loren T - Thu 13 Dec 2018 07:21:03 #0

20 acres

Joe: I noticed that you posted 3 times. Is that because real estate is all about Location, Location, Location? 10 acres where I live in NE Oklahoma is isolated enough for me. My son built the house we now live in several years ago. It's 3000 square feet. It also has a 40 x 50 shop.(See picture under my name). The nearest town, Jay, is about 16 miles away. He figured out that with he and his wife, 4 kids, work, church, and school, they were making a minimum of 4 round trips a day to town. sometimes as many as 6 or 7. He bought a house in town with 17 acres and they save enough on gas to make the house payment. Not to mention time saved. This place is free and clear, so our rent goes to taxes and insurance. My wife now has her quilting machine set up and has started holding classes here.

Buck Brown - Thu 13 Dec 2018 15:24:21 #0


Sandpile e-mailed me awhile back and said his puter had dropped this site and could I send him the addy so he could get back on.

I sent it to him, but have not heard back from him. I sent two more notes asking if he was receiving my mail, and haven't heard anything for a couple weeks.

Maybe I have his addy wrong. If any of you have his addy could you please send him what he needs? Thanks in advance, Buck. Also, ask him to e-mail me so I can verify his addy.

Darrell - Thu 13 Dec 2018 18:54:52 #0


I reset his password for him on the 4th.

Tom C - Sat 15 Dec 2018 09:12:47 #0

I got my Chevy back from the painters Thursday. There's a pic in the gallery.

Tom C

Chuck - Sat 22 Dec 2018 23:26:02 #0


We have been spending a lot of time on the road.
I forget to check the Outlook mail.
TOM C. The 'Handyman' is going to be great. Lots of time and effort but looks like it might be what you want.

JOE--We live eight from Dalhart. Almost a hundred from a Doctor(Amarillo). We turned down some nice money for our little 13.5 acres. Now with all our health problems and having to drive so much. We are second thinking the deal. Probably missed the peak appeal to the young folks wanting this place.

BUCK ---I sent you another reply. I have several addys for you and Linda.
I used the coyote44Gmail tonight.

LOMAN---Some of the hottest days I can remember were at MOFFAT, OK---FT. Smith horse sale. Also the Russellville Ark. cow sales in the summer. East of TULSA there have been rumors of hens laying boiled eggs.LOL.

Helen's eye sight is playing out faster than mine.--My neck arteries are almost closed down---Trying to get them fixed before they do close completely. The holidays seem to be more important than my blockage
Had the heart and neck cath. Wednesday scared the cardiologist that did the procedure.
He told me I was in need of a Vascular Surgeon---told the wife I had bad blockage in both sides of the neck.
Then we could not get anything out of any of them, until after the holidays---Phone says if it is an emergency go to the E.R. I have had some, what they call, 'Mini Strokes' the thigh muscle on the right side is the only noticeable thing.
I got another handle of JIM BEAM. and will make out the best I can till they get back from the Bahamas or ski trips.
DARRELL--BRUCE----- CY walked 15 feet yesterday and almost stood up by himself.

MIKE MILLER--You are a prince. Thanks for all your help.
ALL THE KNIFEMAKERS have been great.
THANKS for the help with CY WAGNER.

God is good.
Blessings to all

Tom C - Sun 23 Dec 2018 11:41:29 #0

Welcome back, Chuck! I hope the docs can get those arteries reamed out. That's really scary.

Great news about Cy. That's what we want, progress.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to you & Helen.

Tom C

brucegodlesky - Mon 24 Dec 2018 06:59:11 #0

Merry Christmas

to each and every one.
Tom, thats a dandy lookin' car!
Sandpile, hang in there! Tell Cy the same.
The whack in the head I took in September set me back a bit. Now I'm 2 steps behint instead of 1. (BOG)
I've decided to stop taking orders come Jan.1. If ya like it, ya buy it. If not someone else will......
Dreamt last night I was selling my anvils and hammers. Horror of horrors..heheheheheheheeh

Jeff Reinhardt - Mon 24 Dec 2018 07:09:22 #0

Merry Christmas

To each and all, may you have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Darrell - Mon 24 Dec 2018 12:23:37 #0

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

Chuck - Tue 25 Dec 2018 00:01:00 #0

Good Times.

This is the best time of the year for lots of families.
The clans gather, the games, contests and ribbing of anybody that leaves an opening.

We are going to have pretty quiet Christmas dinner.
Cy is locked down Sheri, Scott and Brady will be with him.
Our youngest daughter, Jimmie Dee and Tanner will be here, maybe my brother, Jim and his bride of 60 years.

We have so much to be thankful for. We are just glad we can all honor the Lord's birthday.
We hope all of you are healthy, fed, warm and comfortable this coming year.
Darrell, again thanks for the effort of keeping our site open.
Blessing to all.

Alex Ivey - Tue 25 Dec 2018 01:13:21 #0


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. We do have so much to be thankful for as Chuck said. Reflecting back on this time last year the wife was facing chemotherapy treatments followed by radiation after surgery for uterine cancer. The treatments were tough on her but somehow she made it through them. She had a CT scan about three weeks ago and I'm happy to say it showed no sign if cancer. We are so grateful to our good Lord answering our many prayers.

Chuck we pray for Cy's recovery every time we are at Sunday Mass and Darrell I to thank you again for hosting this forum LXIV,

Tom C - Mon 31 Dec 2018 11:01:30 #0

Happy New Year, everybody! Let's hope for a healthy & less contentious 2019.

Tom C

brucegodlesky - Tue 01 Jan 2019 07:34:30 #0

Happy New Year to all the smiths here! Lets hope 2019 is a bit smoother...:-)

Chuck - Wed 02 Jan 2019 00:43:55 #0

Catching up.

HAPPY NEW YEAR---Everybody. 2018 was a good year even if we did hit hard spots.
We are still here for the next round.
ALEX-- Thanks Cy will make if he can ever get the skull flap put back in. He is gaining everyday.

BRUCE- Y'all stay warm. Stay safe.

Blessing to everyone.
Have a great year


Tom C - Thu 10 Jan 2019 15:51:49 #0


Well I'm getting ready to go to the first event of the year, the annual Bill Gichner Memorial Hammer-In. It's located on Dave Hutcheson's place near Easton Maryland & is this weekend. It's a pretty good get together with several demos & some tailgating if it's not to frigid. I'll post pics.

Tom C

Joe Rollings - Thu 24 Jan 2019 21:54:21 #0

still kickin'

Sorry I have been ignoring y'all for so long. been a bit crazy here and I have been distracted by my grandkids having babies without my or Janet's permission..... :) Nice they are actually married in this day and age. Got three greats now, and the tables have turned for sure, because this next generation seems to run to males. Our 5 were girls and most of theirs likewise.

My grandmother always told me that when male births are prevalent we are heading for a war. I think maybe we are already in one.

Chuck, you and yours are in our prayers, and the rest of y'all as well. I will try to be more frequent around here this year......Joe

brucegodlesky - Sat 02 Feb 2019 07:05:36 #0


if ol Phil sees his shadow today.......
Single digits all week have kept the shop at a standstill.
This week looks a lot better, 50 degree difference. Geez!!

Thanks darrell for keeping this site open!

brucegodlesky - Sun 03 Feb 2019 08:24:38 #0


Does anyone have a sure-fire easy way of cleaning India stones? I have a nice lil collection of them and they are all kinda clogged up.
I've heard all sorts of ways from soaking in coal oil to baking.

Loren T - Tue 05 Feb 2019 06:43:20 #0

Cleaning Stones

Stone in it's natural state is subjected to water all the time. I would think that soaking them in warm water with some Dawn dish washing detergent would cut the oils and brushing with a bristle brush would remove the particles. Then a GOOD rinsing soak or 2 and finally air drying. Trying one would tell you.

While I'm here, it's time to say I hope and pray for y'alls health problems to be successfully handled. I haven't done well in the shop for a couple years, and have been having chest pains. Angiogram determined clear arteries, but a bad heart valve. Waiting to get a new one soon. I have been told by several people that I will feel like a new man. Here's hoping.....

Darrell - Tue 05 Feb 2019 14:39:36 #0

Heart valve

Loren, Go for the pig valve as you don't have to do blood thinner as you do with the mechanical ones.
You WILL feel like a new man. I went from just moving too much energy.

Chuck - Fri 08 Feb 2019 00:14:47 #0


LOREN-- Hope everything goes good for you.
They cleaned one side of my neck, will do the other side probably in May.
Hope this side works. I don't seem to run into as many door facings and not passed out since the over haul.
Funny thing about failing health. Wife and kids worry more than you do.

BUT when Helen stumps her toe it scares the fire out of me. They were trying to drain a pint off of her day before yesterday and the damn thing quit running.
Her blood is too sticky, hemocrats are tooo high.

Doctor did not call back---pissed me off.
CY WAGNER our second Grandson finally made it to Craig Re -Hab Hospital in Denver.
JOE-- BENNIE WOOLEY passed he was BILL JOHN"S(Cimarron, & Miami) brother. That makes a clean sweep on all the Wooley siblings.
It was Bennie's son CHIP that won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness a few years back
Good night all
God Bless everyone of you.
BRUCE get some long handles and ear flaps for the shop.

Bert - Fri 08 Feb 2019 12:17:56 #0


Sandpile, I have personal experience with both erythrocytosis and concomitant polycythemia; thick blood and high hemoglobin counts. The hematocrit is also known as packed cell volume and is measure of the number of red blood cells you have in a given volume of blood. Normally the medico's want to see you at 40-45% red blood cells. You will have high hemoglobin according to how many extra blood cells you have as a percentage of the blood volume. Top of the red cell scale for folks is 45, top of the scale for hemoglobin is 17. My blood gets sucked 1st of every month, my hematocrit runs 50.5 to 52 but has been as high as 55. Hemoglobin runs right around 18.5 but has been over 19. I just tell folks normal people have 30 wt blood and I have 90 wt headed for gear oil...

Docs are all over the map on causes from diet to malfunctioning CPAP machine, carbon monoxide exposure, to genetics to a mild (if there is such a thing?) form of leukemia.

First thing might be to be sure Helen doesn't have sleep apnea. Apnea causes low blood oxygen which causes the kidneys to secrete a hormone that tells your body to make more red cells. Next would be bunch of blood tests for genetic DNA markers. Last resort, which I haven't had and am trying to avoid, is a bone marrow biopsy.

Also, I take a baby aspirin every morning. But that needs to be cleared through Helen's doc first. Aspirin doesn't 'thin' blood like a lot of people think. It binds with the red cell's wall and makes it harder for the red cells to stick together and form a clot. Kinda like WD40 for your blood.

About Craig Hospital. A year after graduating from the Air Force Academy, my favorite nephew got his skivvies in a wad over some female and got on his motorcycle drunk, no helmet, short and a t-shirt. He went through a chain link fence and landed on the right front of his skull. After a long stint, like Cy, in ICU in CO Springs he went to Craig. I went back to Denver to check the place out, his family lives in Hawaii.

Craig is FIRST CLASS, State of the Art; the physical, mental and emotional therapy programs they have for brain injuries are amazing. Koa will never be completely recovered but 3 years down the road come Memorial Day he's a walking, talking, living by and supporting himself young man.

Docs told me the keys to recovery for young people are their inherent physical strength and their determination to recover. My own observation is it's PTSD and one of the keys is to not accept and use as an excuse for not trying, but to learn to live with and work with any limitations one might have.

Cy couldn't be in a better place to begin his recovery.


Chuck - Sun 17 Feb 2019 19:05:24 #0

BERT'S post.

BERT: Very interesting post on the blood deal. They put Helen on a CPAP machine. Been three weeks we cannot see any difference. But will stay with it till the next blood-work. She has been having high hematocrits--52-- hemoglobins at 18.
Helen is allergic to Aspirin.
We are trying to get a hold of this condition. Hematocrits seem to be as sticky as bubble gum.

I had this blood disorder a few years back. I had a massive heart attack.
I quit smoking, changed my diet, had radiation for Prostrate cancer and the last couple of blood work-ups show my Hemacrits below 45, HG at 15.5====Have not had to drain anything in almost a year.
Cy seems to be coming around some. Slow process, but he is determined to get better. His Mama Sheri and for the most part his wife Laekyn have been with him every day for six months. His brother Brady stayed in the room with him for 4 months. NWTH in Amarillo put him in a big ICU room and put two day-beds in CY's room. He has had support from all of us. Prayer warriors and the Good Lord are what has kept him going. Then he is as tough as an ole Blue Tick Hound-- that has helped him also.
BERT thanks for the info. I read it to Helen.
Blessings to all

Loren T - Fri 01 Mar 2019 05:56:34 #0

Heart Valve

Went in Tuesday at 6 AM, had new valve by 10 AM, Had lunch at 11:30. Went home Wednesday. Walked 1500 steps Thursday (in honor of the patron god of smithing ).
Wish I'd had it done couple years ago. SOOO looking forward to getting back in the shop.

Chuck - Tue 05 Mar 2019 22:21:02 #0

Loren T

LOREN T--- that is great.
Glad to hear the good news.
Just don't over do it for a bit.
It is nice to have a new lease on life.
Makes sure the A.C. keeps working the cool weather will over before we know it.
Good luck
God Bless all of you.

Alex Ivey - Wed 06 Mar 2019 21:17:49 #0


Chuck, I'm still praying for Cy. Good to see there's progress.

Tom C., Chevy wagon is looking great, sorry I didn't get to see you at the Richmond Conf. Maybe NY.

Loren, happy to see the new heart valve is working for you.

Been kind of quite here as of late, March already and only 13 post this year, so thought I'd stick one in.

Gas $1.72/gal at Sams, propane .60/lb, We've had pretty good winter moisture, life is good.

Joe, hope you can find a good neighbor taker on the 20 acres, can't be me I like it here in Bosque Farms. I still have HP cylinders for you. Wanted to ask if you know Pep Gomez over in Las Cruces, he is doing some fantastic pattern weld, using a modified Cliff Carrol gas forge, no flux. I visited his well equiptd shop a while back. Check it out google "lost arts forge" and you can see page after page of his work.

Anyone hear how Sweany is doing with his heart problems, last heard from here back Nov. last year. Also John Odom??

Anyone know a source for a 10 inch serrated contact wheel,70 duro rubber, bearings for 1/2 inch bolt, lots of them on ebay but all have 30 mm bore.

Darrell, can,t thank you enough for this site, thank you thank you. LXIV,

Chuck - Mon 11 Mar 2019 18:41:16 #0


ALEX IVEY-- Glad to see your post. Cy is a bit better.
How about Kay and Joe. I am almost afraid to ask.
Michael Miller lives pretty close to Sweaney AND Mills. I will see if Mike knows anything about James.
They all are members of the (damn old man's syndrome)---SALTFORK Blacksmithing.
LOREN hope your back jumping the rope and getting shape.
JOE-- Don't be too quiet too long. They will start saying Hail Marys and talking about good a fellow you were.
We have CY'S Dad"s bitch and half a dozens pups. They are almost for weeks old.
Really good set of registered Red Asussie pups. CY is in Crag Re-Hap in Englewood, Colo. and his Dad is teaching in Lake Arthur, NM.
Scott needed a little help, whelping this gyp and raising the pups.
Blessings to all
Thanks Darrell.

brucegodlesky - Tue 19 Mar 2019 10:47:44 #0

ridin' the roller coaster here in w Pa. One day warm and sunny then 2 days snow and rain, then freezin' cold. Over and over.
Gettin' a day in the forge shop here and there. hammer is still heaved so it's all handwork and press.

Sweany is on the mend. Kinda think this slowed him down a bunch.

Lost 2 dogs in a space of 3 days. Kinda quiet round here...... The remaining one, Bell, keeps kinda lookin' sideways at me......... Sure she wonders where her buddies went to....
I've had dogs around all my life. It don't get any easier losing them.

Seems like I spend the first several months of each year doing donation knives. Now to get down to makin' some cash. Ha!

Tom C - Mon 01 Apr 2019 09:20:58 #0

One of the earliest pieces of metalwork I did, back in '77, is being removed from the establishment where it was installed. The new owners haven't said where it's going. You know you've been around for a while when your early creations become surplus. I put a couple of pics in the gallery.

Tom C

Mike B - Mon 01 Apr 2019 19:19:16 #0


I'd be hard pressed to name three restaurants that have been in business since '77. I give all the credit to your artwork (grin).

Chuck - Thu 04 Apr 2019 00:36:09 #0

lost memebers

It is sad to think about all the folks that have quit posting on our site.
It would be nice to find out how Mills, the Davis', Franklin, James Sweaney are doing. The Saltfork Blacksmithing bunch is a great group.
THOMAS POWERS is probably going strong if he has not gotten too bad on the diabetics.
JOE how you feeling ?
Alex How is Joe and Kay Cordova. How is Jerry Duran. He probably won't remember me.
The sad part about growing older ---is the loss of contact with the people you have met.

I went through medical test today that turned my deal around. The deal I have been putting up turns out to be a big kidney stone that is not really painful but is causing problems. May get it out in the next little bit.
God Bless all

Buck Brown - Thu 04 Apr 2019 11:28:34 #0

Hopefully there are a lot of folks, like me, that read every day but don't post enough.

Chuck, I'm glad you found out the reason for your troubles. Get rid of that rascal. Don't know if you have ever had one that decided to travel, but it's no picnic I can tell you!

It's finally spring here in northern Arizona/southern Utah. We had a wonderful wet winter, the first in over 20 years. We've already had as much rain this year as we had all last year. Western Colorado has had record snowfall. We're hoping the runoff will greatly raise the level of Lake Powell. It's in sad shape now at 50% elevation.

Thanks again, Darrell!

Jeremy K - Thu 04 Apr 2019 11:36:16 #0

Tom C

Tom that is a great piece you did - did you ask if they are not going to use it that you'd be interested in it? No sense in it getting tossed out and not being used somewhere.

plain ol Bill - Sun 14 Apr 2019 17:54:17 #0

The beast has returned

I made this hammer about 20 years or so ago and used it for many years. Ended up selling to a good friend and bought a Sahinler. Sold the Sahinler a couple of years ago. Well the friend passed on just before Christmas and the hammer came home. It started out with a Kinyon control system and my friend put the KZ controls on it. The bae is 5" plate, the anvil is 9" round 4140. The rear riser and head are made of 6X6X3/8 tubing and can be moved up or down in 2" increments (to allow for any tooling I could think of). All bolted together using 3/4 grade 8 bolts. The cylinder is 2 1/2 X 12 w/ 1/2" ports. The hammer itself weighs in around 115# and runs on brass slides.
After bringing it home I did remount the controls to suit me, replaced the old 2"cylinder and generally tweaked it. I DO LIKE these controls! Much better controls than the old Kinyon were. I see how Ken Zitur can crack an egg on his hammer using these controls.
Have not posted in a long time, but do still read the forum. Thought you folks might like to hear from me (still alive and well out here).
Pics up!

Chuck - Sat 20 Apr 2019 00:24:05 #0

This and that.

Since my blade making Grandson is laid up.. Bad car wreck August 13TH.
CY Wagner was going to be the one to take hold, go to making knives Axes. All kinds of blacksmithing.
Up to date Cy can not get out bed by himself. He has just the last week started, kinda controlling his right side.
God willing he will gradually get more back.

The good Doctor went in after the kidney stone---Got it broke up and it is coming out. Has been a bit of a grimace. Kinda makes a fellow thank he might be pulling fish hooks out.
The did find a small cancer in the bladder. They sent it off to confirm what they think. Small, it s out and we will find out more Monday.
They will work out a program to chase this devil out.

BUCK sure glad you got some good moisture. We all need it.
Wednesday evening we got a nice 3/4 inch rain. They got a lot more east of us(always do).
I did get a hold of ED FOWLER at 1519 Riverton WY He and BILL BURKE from Salmon, IDAHOin conjunction REX WALTERS(meltalogist have developed the right procedure to make a high performance blade from 52100E steel.
I am up on most of this, but the way my wheels are starting to wobble, I want some way of making sure my other grandsons have a way get back to the good blades. ED has a 2 DVD that runs four hours. It is a detailed teaching video.
$55.00 for the two. Glad to get it.
Y 'all take care, keep the shiny side
God Bless

Joe Rollings - Sat 20 Apr 2019 21:00:41 #0

testing, having trouble

Joe Rollings - Sat 20 Apr 2019 21:30:08 #0

Lots of stuff

I tried to post a few times and could not get in. All of a sudden I seem to be doing it right again, so will try to cover some lost ground.

Chuck, I am feeling a lot better than I deserve, and my limiting factors right now are mainly the knees and swollen ankles and feet from standing at the machines. Prayers up for Cy and for you and Helen. Made and wholesaled a bunch of knives, bought a cowboy sewing machine for the sheaths, will see how the knives go at retail before making a lot more of them. Now off on making candle cups and mounting them on rocks. After 30 years of making the same boxes over and over again, I seem to have to switch products regularly or lose my mind. Having fun with the 100 pound guided helve hammer named "Alice", though. Named that because of the Allis Chalmers orange paint job.

Alex, if you are having trouble still mounting 30 MM bearings on a 1/2" shaft, I would be happy to turn you some bushings on the lathe, OR make the mounting bolt to match the bearing. I have a LOT of lathe stock, so I would be happy to do it for free.

Gotta get with the cannon guy and find out of that deal is for real or just talk. I have been out of touch with him, too. I hope to be circulating up your direction before long to service some dealers, and really should make the cannon whether he wants it or not.

I keep slowing down, but I can still move around and do stuff, so no excuse for quitting. I DO want to see if I can cobble together an induction forge for those candle cups. Having a gas forge running in that steel building this summer does not fill my heart with joy. At least the induction forge would run only a little of the time and would not be bothered by the swamp cooler.

I got lazy last summer, but it did not improve my life a bit, so am going to stay busy this summer as much as the heat will allow. Plenty to do, so might as well do it the best I can. God bless Y'all…...Joe

brucegodlesky - Mon 22 Apr 2019 06:20:04 #0

Glad I'm not the only one gettin' old.......heheheh
Weather breaking and it's nice to be back in the shop. Was down for 2 weeks with the crud. So far behind, I'm catching up to myself.
Spring turkey season fast approaching so I'll be a lot more behinder.....

I see that the Pa boys, Jymm Hoffman and Ray Rybar are demoing at BAM this year. Both are good guys!




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